Try It Out Tuesday – Concord & 9th Sweet Bee #2

An Encouragement Card with the Concord & 9th Sweet Bee Bundle!

Hello Crafty Friends! Sharing a Life update today while creating a card with the pretty Concord & 9th Sweet Bee Bundle. Creating flowers is super easy with this set! I love that you can create backgrounds and die cut out the background floral images. The stamp also has a few Bee images that can be die cut out too:) Watch the How-to tutorial while I share news about my mom in the Youtube video down below. I love how it turned out & hope you like my project!

  Thanks so much for stopping by!  Watch the tutorial down below. Wishing you a Lovely and Crafty day! Sending Hugs! Tina


( A more detailed supply list is in the description area of the YouTube video tutorial )


Concord & 9th SWEET BEE Stencil Pack

Concord & 9th SWEET BEE Dies

Concord & 9th SWEET BEE Clear Stamps

Watch the Video Below or Click Here to watch!

2 thoughts on “Try It Out Tuesday – Concord & 9th Sweet Bee #2

  1. It looks lovely and the color combo are nice. Looking forward to watch the video this evening. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Tina, I watched half of your video and had to stop. I am cooking dinner. I lost my Mom 4 years ago. I would not wish her back with her disease, but I do miss her. She was a crafter and I would call her when a new SU catalog came out and we discussed what we liked and didn’t like. Each time I get a new catalog, I want to pick up the phone and talk to her. I use her product as I have most of her stamp room. It does get easier, but there is still grieving happening. It hits at odd times. Give yourself some slack and let the grief happen. You make great videos and have a lot on your channel. If you need to take a break, people can find your videos easily and watch again. I always learn something new. God Bless!


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