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Of all the questions I get asked, I think the most asked – most often is about my storage.  I must say I change things around often…a lot until I am happy with the outcome.  I also want to let you know I am a bit stingy with the dollar when it comes to organization, I prefer to spend more on the product than the product storage itself.  But I do like pretty and tidy storage too:)  I am always in search of an economical storage option and solution that will make sense and make me happy.  The one I am sharing today is my favorite so far for my stamps and dies and I can use the Avery Elle pockets I already use too.image (3)

I use these Storage Organizers are from Spellbinders to hold my stamps and my large die sets. These Storage bins are currently unavailable as of April 13, 2021.  I guess they were very popular:)  I will leave the link up in case they are restocked.  I like the color as any accent color will compliment the gray tweed color. They are a collapsible container with a reinforced bottom and side handles for easy transport. A label holder in front for identification. Also comes with two chipboard dividers that are really pretty & nice, I don’t use them for these containers, I need way more, so I laminate my own dividers.  See below.  The approximate size of each container is 6 x 7.25 Tall x 6.25 in (assembled).  Note: 6 x 6 Paper Pads, Stencils and 6 x 6 background stamps won’t fit in these, I’ve tried.  Paper pads could maybe, but it is a tight fit:)

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To create my dividers, I simply laminate FSJ Pool Play Cardstock with my Amazon Basics Laminator and Amazon Basics Laminating Sheets.  I trim my cardstock to 7 – 1/2 tall x 5 – 1/2 wide.  Then use my Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper, the 1/2 inch side and round the top left and right corners, then I laminate 2 at a time.  I just use my scissors to trim away the excess.  Last, I add a label for my divider using my Dymo – Handheld label maker .  I like to laminate colored cardstock because I can color coordinate with the colors in my craft room very inexpensively.  Today the craft room colors are teal & blue, but they might change in the future:)  I am feelin’ yellow for the summer:)

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image (8)For my stamp storage, I use the Spellbinders – FSJ Large Storage Tabs.  The come 10 in a pack and are a great price.  These tabs are made of durable plastic and measure 5 1/2″ x 7″ (plus tab).  They fit perfectly in an “Avery Elle Style” Stamp and Die Storage Pocket that measures 5 5/8 x 7 3/8.  I tried to find the same size pockets I use and have in the photo but it seems Avery Elle changed the size to 5.5 in width and that is to small.

*Important Note – The clear storage pocket needs to measure 5 – 5/8 x 7- 3/8 inches and includes open & close flap, I have one listed below with those measurements, not the brand I am showing in the picture, they may not make that size any more.  I trim off the flap and a bit more so the pocket and the white cardstock are the same size.  It makes it easier to grab and file through.  I add a white piece of cardstock behind the Storage Tabs , it makes it look cleaner I think:)  Another Note:  I tried to use the SSS brand pockets but they are to small.  I add my product label outside the plastic pocket.  I use a numbering system for my stamps, that is what I add to the tab part.

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Basically I do the same as my stamp pockets.  The only difference is I add a magnetic sheet to the front of the Fun Stampers Journey Large Storage Tab sheet.  The magnetic sheets I use are adhesive backed so I can just peel and stick to the top of the plastic tab.  I also add a piece of white cardstock behind the tab on these too.

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image (11)I like to keep my sentiment dies and smaller accent dies in a smaller pocket so I can file them. I am using the Spellbinders – Fun Stampers Journey Small Storage Tabs and the Fun Stampers Journey Small Storage Pouches.  Tabs are made of durable plastic and measure 4 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ (plus tab)and contains 10 tabs.  Great Value:)  The small pouches measure 4 1/2″ by 5″ and have a 1/2″ gusset (not a fan of the gusset). They contain 10 pouches and fit together perfectly.  I add white cardstock behind the tabs for these too.  If the Die is just one single unit, a hello sentiment for example I just use the pocket, no magnet.  Currently, I changed the Fun Stampers Journey Small Storage Pouches to a thinner pocket Totally Tiffany – Stamp, Die and Stencil Pockets – Medium – 25 Pack.  I DO NOT recommend these as they tear easily and are very thin.  Small die storage is a work in progress:)

image (12)If the die is a set or has multiple pieces I adhere a magnetic sheet to the plastic tab.

The storage pouches are gusseted which means there is lots of room in the pouch for the packaging.

I do keep them flat for filing (saves room), when opened they are very bulky.  Opened they measure 1/2 ” thick and would take up way to much room as I have about 50 tabs.  However, I love how the larger stamps and larger dies look in the flat clear storage pockets with the top trimmed off.  The FSJ Small Storage pouches are the perfect size for the tabs and so that is what I am using today.  But….I am on the lookout for a storage pocket that will fit the Small Storage Tabs that is not gusseted:) Still searching!!

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This is my storage container that holds all of my storage pockets, tabs and pouches:) I keep it in a lower shelf of a tall cabinet unit in my craft room:)  I picked up this clear bin for the fridge at Tuesday Morning a while back, I ended up taking it from the fridge to the craftroom:)

I am forever trying to find the ultimate storage solution for my craft room and to-date I think this is the best one that I came up with:)  I will keep you informed if I make any changes that I love.

Thanks for stopping by!  Crafty Hugs, Tina