Try It Out Tuesday – Penny Black


Hello and Happy Tuesday Crafty friends!  Today I created an elegant Valentines day card with the Serene Stamp set by Penny Black🙂  When I purchase stamps I always look for versatility in them and this one can be used all year round!  I have to say I love coral and gold, together they seen to create elegance:)


As always, I thank you for stopping by!  You can watch how I created this card on my YouTube Channel, Just Click here.  Wishing you a beautiful and crafty day!  Hugs, Tina

yt 4


Happy Crafting to You!

2 thoughts on “Try It Out Tuesday – Penny Black

  1. OMG! Tina you are so awesome!! This card is beautiful!!! You know the email’s come so slow after you have made a new post that everything is sold out by the time I get the update. There must be a quicker list somewhere because I check on almost everyday and by the time I see it there have been over 2000 views! I don’t know what gives. Thanks Tina, Denise


  2. Just let me say that I love having breakfast with you every morning!!!! This card is so dainty and pretty! You know, it was even beautiful after the gold spray of leaves and the coral droplets!! Sometimes I try to ‘over-do’ adding more and more stuff to make it prettier but this is simply gorgeous!! Thanks Tina – for sharing!! You know, ‘I want to be you when I grow up’!!!! Hahahaha!!!!!


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