Countdown 2 Christmas Series 2017

Jillibean Soup Stamp Set and Snowflakes


Hello Crafty Friends:)  I hope your having a Beautiful day!  Today for my Countdown 2 Christmas Series I want to share a snowflake card I made using a stamp set I had for a while from Jillibean Soup:)  It is a very easy card to create:)  I hope you like it!  You can watch how I made this card on my YouTube Channel Click Here  or you can watch below:)  Hugs, Tina

2 thoughts on “Countdown 2 Christmas Series 2017

  1. Hi Tina I have my volume set at 100 and am still having trouble hearing you. Do you think its me or something elds? I can hear everything rlse ok especially the music. Hope this isnt bothering you sweetie. Thank you so much, Scherree


    1. Hello Scherree:) I am so sorry about that, you were not the only one. I had a few audio issues with this video. No no I appreciate you telling me so much. I am not very good with this computer stuff but hopefully I fixed my volume issues:) I just couldn’t go back and fix that one. Hugs, Tina


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