My Craft Desk Essentials 2018


My Craft Desk Essentials 2 001Hello Crafty Friends!  I have had a lot of questions about the products I use for my tutorials and pulled them all together for my Craft Desk Essentials 2018.  I did this last year and a few items remain the same but I have found some new ones I wanted to share with you:)  You can watch on my YouTube Channel, Just Click Here.

My Craft Desk Essentials 2 003

Please know this is just my opinion and items that I like and that work best for me:)  If you are interested in the items I show I have listed them below for you:)  Grab your coffee friends and let’s get to crafting!  Have a Lovely Day!  Hugs, Tina


Try It Out Tuesday

My Craft Desk Essentials

Happy Tuesday to you!  Today instead of doing a card I decided that for try it out Tuesday I would like to show you some products that I use and that I think would be beneficial for you to try out.  We all know that craft supplies can be very expensive, so I try my best to buy products at an economical price with comparable quality.

In my Tutorial I wanted to share with you what I have in my craft desk and how I store the supplies I use most often.  Things that are handy, the supplies that I always use and then at the end of my tutorial I want to share with you products that I have found to be great for the price. Also product comparisons.

Grab your Coffee friends and let’s get to Crafting!