Spellbinders | Card Kit of the Month | June 2022

10 Cards – 1 Kit with the Card Kit of the Month for June 2022!

Hello Crafty Friends! Today I am sharing the 10 Cards I made with the Spellbinders “Party Hat & Streamers” Card Kit of the Month for JUNE 2022. The Spellbinders card kits are always packed filled with lots of goodies to get creating right away.  This month the kit has a birthday theme filled with loads of party hats and birthday party elements:) I hope you like the cards I made:)

If you would like to take a detailed look at the Unboxing Spellbinders Card Kit of the Month – JUNE 2022 you can check it out over on my YouTube Channel, Just Click Here. Check it out:)

Wishing you a Lovely Day!!  May it be filled with love, laughter and happiness:) As always, you can watch how I created all 10 cards down below or over on my YouTube Channel, JUST CLICK HERE! Thanks so much for stopping by!  Sending Crafty Hugs, Tina


Spellbinders Card Kit of the Month

Spellbinders Card Kit Extra’s

Spellbinders Value Clubs

Spellbinders Kit and Caboodle Value Club

Watch the Tutorial Below!

4 thoughts on “Spellbinders | Card Kit of the Month | June 2022

  1. Tina, theres so much on youtube these days, but I can honestly tell you, that I cant WAIT to see your latest youtube video and look forward to it so much. I think the spellbinders kits plus they are bundles are a really good value. Even though I subscribed to both the large die and stamp monthly kit and then changed over to the small stamp and die monthly kit I still found that they are not all for my taste which is understandable they have to appeal to a lot of peoples taste. I love their floral blooms for the details they put on their dies. Anyway, I have to say I think this one you really outdid yourself! You stepped up every one of these cards with the premade elements and the designs were fantastic. Thank you so much for your content! You are outstanding. You make my day with every post.


  2. What a magical birthday the recipient of these cards will have. Love your clever, fresh design layouts. I always look forward to your videos – especially for the card kits!


  3. It doesn’t really matter to me if you put the videos out earlier, or later when we get our kits, because I watch them each several times over!!! I always love your ideas, some I totally mirror and some I put my own twist on…these kits are fabulous, I often make 25 or more cards from the kit! LOVE your videos, keep them coming whenever you decide to, just keep them coming! 🙂


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